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Sound Zone

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Experience a "sound space" by breaking up the components of sound and putting them back together again.

mechanismOnBa is a system of 20 equally distributed speakers.
By breaking up the structure of sound into individual components and bringing them back together, it creates a unique "sound space." It can be said to be an advanced version of common sound reproduction systems like the stereo (2ch) and surround stereo (5.1ch). For this OnBa-20ears- activity, we gathered sounds of various scales. The speakers are currently located about one meter from each other, but this does not mean that the microphones used for recording the sounds must also be placed at one-meter intervals. What does it sound like when the microphones are 10 centimeters apart? 10 meters? Or 1,000 kilometers?
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Exhibition Contents List

  • Animal SoundWave

    Animal SoundWave

    Do you know that we hear sound when the air vibrates? Let's look at how sound is transmitted, together with animals!


  • Touch on Music

    Touch on Music

    Touch the ball that comes down to play music!

    mechanismMusic comprises 1) rhythm, 2) melody, and 3) harmony. The music becomes less smooth if the rhythm or melody is disrupted, and can even cause the music to become different. In this exhibit, you can create the rhythm and harmony to play your beautiful music by touching the ball that comes down at the right timing.

  • Pitch Switch

    Pitch Switch

    Play with the pitch of your voice!

    mechanismWhen you speak, you make the air around you vibrate. How high or low your voice sounds depends on the frequency of these vibrations-that is, how much many times the air moves back and forth per second. The faster the vibration, the higher the sound.

  • Delayed Speech

    Delayed Speech

    Listen to your own voice slightly after you have spoken.

    mechanismWhen you speak, you continually modify what you say,as you say it. You compare the quality of the sounds you make with those you intend to produce, and adjust your speech accordingly. This feedback process seems to be important in the ability to speak coherently. You also rely on other kinds of feedback such as the feel of the movement of your lips, tongue, and teeth, and the vibrations of your vocal cords in the bones of your jaw.

  • MusicSpace


    Sound orientation
    Try to decipher the position of the instrument.

    mechanismMusicSpace is a spatical design user interface that enables users to visually and interactively control spatial arrangements, constraints, interrelationships and motions of sound sources such as drums and piano. To reproduce sounds, this system visualises a sound source and its parameter and then calculates the direction and the volume of each sound in real time based on their locations on the screen.

  • Sound Chaos

    Sound Chaos

    Use your hands to create an exciting rhythm!

    mechanismInside this table is a special sensor called HyperSkin, created by the Sony Computer Science Laboratories,Inc.HyperSkin is a sensor that can sense the small amount of electricity in humans. It sends signals to the computer, which controls the sound and images.

  • Voice Visualizer

    Voice Visualizer

    Change the shape using different voices!

    mechanismSound can be divided into three elements: volume, pitch, and quality. Our voice is a complex series of layers of these elements. Voice Visualizer comprehensively changes and visualizes each object, where volume is represented by size, pitch by change direction, and quality by color.

  • Visible Network

    Visible Network

    Press the button and send a text message!

    mechanismCell phone data communication uses the packet exchange format.Data (packet data) is divided into small parts and exchanged on a line shared by many people.This prevents the communication line from being used exclusively and allows many people to use it efficiently.

  • Celluar Cube

    Celluar Cube

    Experience how cell phones work in motion!

    mechanismInformation concerning a cell phone's position is registered in a database called HLR (Home Location Register).Cell phones communicate via radio waves with base stations under HLR management, and radio waves are sent to the receiver.If a cell phone moves beyond the range sends this information to the base station covering the cell phone's new position, making uninterrupted communication possible.This process of switching base stations during a call is called a handover.

  • Emotional Speech

    Emotional Speech

    Try "processing" your voice to express different emotions.

    mechanismVoices have three major elements: phonology, quality and prosody. In particular, vocal prosody is composed of the following three concepts: time, amplitude and pitch structures representing tempo/rhythm, vocal intensity and accent/intonation, respectively.They form many parts of information related with emotional expressions.Emotional Speech is a emotion synthesis program allowing emotional expressions by changing these prosodic parameters. Its development was inspired from psychoacoustic studies of emotional expression in human spontaneous speech.

  • CyberCode


    [CyberCode & Web Camera]
    What is installed in CyberCode?
    [Active CyberCode Keyboard]
    Play with the sounds installed in the code.

    mechanismThe CyberCode is a 2D code, developed by the Sony Computer Science Laboratories and designed to make camera-mounted computers early find it in the real world.When a CyberCode is shot with camera, 3D coodenates and gradient date as well as the ID of each code can be recognized in a real-time manner.Furthermore, depending on the read data, various information and 3D graphics are displayed on the monitor in tune with the code direction or movement.Watching through the camera, you can feel as if the information or graphics.

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