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    Science Battler

    It is the year 20XX, and the universe has entered an era of chaos. Battles became frequent everywhere, and many fierce wars were fought. In the midst of this seemingly endless fighting, the ten planets wishing for order and peace come up with the idea for the Science Battle. Instead of fighting and killing fruitlessly, battles would be held based on scientific knowledge and technology, and the winner would control the new world. In response to this call, ten valiant representatives assembled...they are the Science Battlers!

    Performance schedule
    On weekends and holidays, 14:30~15:00 (30min)
  • ○×サバイバルクイズ

    True or False? Survival Quiz

    "True or False? Survival Quiz," a show incorporating simple experiments, will be held on the weekends and holidays. You can learn about the scientific wonders around you while having fun. (Optional)

    Performance schedule
    On weekends and holidays, 14:30~15:00 (30min)

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